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You Only Live Once is similar to the mottoes 'you've only got once chance to live'. People often use these phrases to persuade their friends to take risks or do something they normally wouldn't do.

You only live once has been a motto for people for a long time, but the shortened version, YOLO, has gained popularity since the release of the song "The Motto" by Drake and Tyga.

You only live once:
* so enjoy it while you can.
* so take responsibility for your life.
* so recognize that your actions today influence the direction of your life tomorrow.
* so be respectful to others and don’t use hateful words that will damage relationships.
* so treat your body like you plan to wear it for a long time.
* so stop waiting for someone else to provide you with your life.
* so live your life with purpose.
* so live today how you want to be remembered when you are gone.


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